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Our specialized data & social communication management platforms provide the tools you need to optimize ad performance, increase traffic and stay on top of your digital marketing efforts.

Fully Managed Social Media Ads

A Versatile Messaging Management Solution

The Sherpa advertising platform is an industry leader in optimising social media advertising, offered as Fully-managed service for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LINE advertising. Mission to develop Sherpa is to deliver measurable results, leveraging each social platform’s native features and further enhancing it with its proprietary technologies to effectively manage social advertising on a large scale. Sherpa is currently trusted by hundreds of clients, including some of the world’s largest brands.

Sherpa Features


  • Scale large campaigns optimized for all of Facebook ads objectives.
  • Improve CTR result by “Campaign Conversion lookalike Audience (CCLA)” of Sherpa than traditional lookalike and custom audiences.
  • Easily identifies the best performing combination via heat-map reporting.
  • Allows to set KPI for each campaign and gives an alert when missed KPI.


  • Create and share your own audience libraries tailored to your brand’s objectives and Twitter targeting options.
  • Advertisers are able to refresh tweets via Sherpa, it’s called Promo Tweets Refresh (PTR). To keep exposure, PTR is retweeting same ads.
  • Allows to set KPI for each campaign and gives an alert when missed KPI.


  • Time based reporting.
  • Duplicate campaign (In development).
  • Allows to set KPI for each campaign and gives an alert when missed KPI (In development).
DialogOne® is one of Japan’s most frequently distributed messaging management solution, and is linked with LINE, Facebook Messenger and others.
With a wide variation of templates and data, it enables clients to increase engagement with each sei-katsu-sha (our term for consumers that encompasses all aspects of their lives).
In Japan, we have been certificated as a Technology Partner and acquired for the fourth consecutive year the highest Diamond ranking in LINE Biz-Solutions Partner Program’s LINE Account Connect category.


Segment Messaging

Utilizes the user data of DialogOne®, enabling clients to send messages depending on each user’s interests.

Message Tracking

Enables the clients to track user’s action when sending rich messages. (ie. number of conversions etc.).

Owned Media Implementation

Customized messages and special offers can be specifically delivered to users that have visited brand sites/ online shopping sites via LINE.


Enables the clients to survey the progress of campaigns. The reply from the user is linked with the User ID, which will further help to create user segments.

Private DMP

The User ID stored in DialogOne® can be associated with behavioral data and questionnaire results, which can be utilized for personalized messages and integration with client’s owned media.

For Facebook Messenger


Provide messages and contents according to pre-set scenarios based on user reactions and requests. By interlocking with advertisements, we can conduct the whole process from attracting to engaging with customers within the Facebook platform.

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